Our qualified team
Leonard Johnson

Leonard E. Johnson brings over 25 years of IT experience into the insurance industry for analytical expertise and attention to detail. Focusing on HomeCare, Senior Advocacy and Community Service for the last 16 years, aids him in finding solutions to your healthcare needs. 


(470) 575-6100

Cynthea Vickers-Johnson

Cynthea Vickers-Johnson is a registered nurse and medical professional of over 20 years. Combining education and resources of the medical field with Medicare expertise to bring you the Key to your Best Care.


(470) 575-6100

Mary Hernandez

Mary Hernandez, a caring licensed agent with decades of experience in serving the community, here to be a resource and help you with your Life Insurance, Final Expense, Medicare and Retirement protection needs.


(334) 513-9457

Tim Hughes

Timothy Hughes was introduced to the Insurance Industry in 2006. His true passion has always been helping people. He has been volunteering and helping people in the U.S. and Europe since 2000. That’s why he became an Insurance Broker. To take those skills and help seniors make financially responsible decisions with their Medicare needs and retirement “nest egg.”


(678) 310-3007

Kenyatta hughes

Kenyatta Hughes has a Love for helping people and a listening ear!  Whether it was though the many years of doing support in IT or through her community volunteer work, it comes naturally. Now as an Insurance Broker she has been able to take that those skills and help seniors and families navigate the ins and outs of their insurance needs for their various stages of life.


(678) 750-0180

Sharon Mitchell

After working as a paralegal for a Social Security Disability lawyer, I am excited to expand my expertise to a new set of clientele. I became an insurance broker because I want to educate and guide my clients through Medicare coverage and provide them with the right products that serve them best. I bring a high level of expertise to my clients and will work diligently with them to find a plan that meets their concerns.


(516) 928-0300

Robert Stapleton

As one-half of Team Stapleton, Robert is the calming force of the husband-and-wife team that will take care of your needs. They have been licensed professionals for over five years, and he has a great ear for listening to the needs of his clients. He will use his knowledge and expertise to work tirelessly for solutions to best suit your needs.


(586) 262-5775

Deneen Stapleton

As the other half of Team Stapleton, Deneen brings the passion to the work they love to do. She is very dependable, knowledgeable and has helped many clients meet their needs with her diligent, hands-on approach and customized recommendations. Team Stapleton will always go that extra mile for you.


(586) 262-5775

Lourdes Robinson

Licensed broker ready to assist you with your Medicare questions and needs.


(470) 378-7346

Daphne Webb

Licensed broker ready to assist you with your Medicare questions and needs

Tiras Sims

Licensed broker ready to assist you with your Medicare questions and needs.


(470) 814-4064

Candice picard

Licensed broker ready to assist you with your Medicare questions and needs.