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Medicare Specialist

Quotes as low as $0 Monthly...Plans customized to Your Needs!

Benefits at your Finger tips. 

                We work with them ALL!                   We are Brokers NOT Agents which   means we work ONLY for you.    Benefits with Real Solutions...


Kaiser Permanente
Blue Cross/ Blue Shield- Anthem
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Medicaid / Extra Help
Do I qualify for Medicaid?

The determination is by state according to monthly income, household size, disability, and other factors. It changes every year. Call us for current year qualifications, applications, weblinks, and approval advise.

LIS Medication
How Do I Get Extra Financial Help

To qualify you must be receiving Medicare, have limited resources and income. Our team of experts can assist you with information and an application.

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MAPD vs. Supplement

Whether you are just starting with Medicare or been on it for years... Supplement plans (MediGap) are not your only choice. Let us review your situation and discuss less expensive and increased benefits with customized options. 

Education is our "Super Power"

I am turning 65 and Need Help!

"I feel so overwhelmed with mail and commercial Ads"

We Can walk you through it step by step...Education is our #1 Goal.

 "So many plans and companies, who best fits my needs". 

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Local Brokers with access to every approved plan in the state. 
Get Honest Answers.

 "I saw something intersting on it true?"

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There is always the fine print...let us read it for you, and explain if you qualify. You are Family to us.

 Real Questions...We Have Real Answers.

1) How do I get FREE Monthly Food Cards and Transportation?

2) Where do I find doctors with true bedside manner, same day appointments,                and  who listen to me? 

3) How do I get money for dental, vision, and hearing aides?

4) How do I get monthly allowance for supplies, products, and personal needs?

5) How do I get set up with my Medicare with optimal benefits?

6) How can I get my Part B premium of $148.50 paid monthly?

7) How do I avoid paying life long penalties or fees?

8) How do I get qualified for in home assistance for cooking, cleaning, and                            errands?

 Other Insurance Coverage: 
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Life and Annuity

The single most important thing you can do to protect your family, create generational wealth, and make sure your needs will be met through retirement and older years.  

Even get Financial support through lifes unexpected chronic and terminal diagnosis.

Guaranteed LIFETIME income. Ask Us how.

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Final Burial / Long Term 

Life insurance now too costly at an older age? Don't leave your family in a bind, for less than you think you can cover your burial expenses.  

Set up now for long term care you might need in later years...Let us help.

Dental / Vision

"Smile, its free therapy"...plans as low as $12 

"We need better sight for better choice"- R.A. Feller How about we help you with both?..                   Many low cost plans available...Call Us

More than brokers...Senior Community Advocates